1200HP Integra is the World’s Fastest FWD Car in the Half Mile

When you think of the ultimate half-mile car to race, what do you think of? Many people choose the Nissan GTR.

They are relatively affordable (under $50k used), have an all-wheel-drivetrain so traction is plentiful, have a dual-clutch gearbox so you don’t have to worry about shifting quickly, and there is a ton of aftermarket support and modifications available to get it anywhere from 600hp to 1600hp, even with reliability.

However, “many people” are not Myles Kerr from English Racing. It’s somewhat ironic that Myles, who works for a shop that builds some of the fastest GTR’s in the world, chose to go the opposite route.

Instead of wanting to build a simple, proven, reliable half-mile car, likely with parts and labor he could get largely discounted, he chose to build something unique and bizarre; a 1994 Acura Integra that can go 213mph in the half mile. Yes, “WTF” crosses our mind too.

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What began as a fun street car, has evolved over the years into a true high-speed monster of a machine that nobody would expect, and nobody would believe can do what it has done.

Yes, there are Civics and Integra’s doing 8’s and over 200mph in the ¼ mile (the usual argument from the haterz on Myles’ social media). Don’t get me wrong, blasting to 200mph for 8-seconds on a prepped ¼-mile track on slicks is incredibly impressive, however, it, is a much different ballgame than an unprepped runway.

With an unprepped runway, traction is your best friend and your worst enemy. You don’t have a “sticky”, prepped surface that creates the perfect bond with your tire. You’re on tarmac, sometimes dusty tarmac, which is equal to the street.

You can make all of the power in the world, but if you can’t put it to the pavement, you aren’t going anywhere.  You also have to factor in the power that has to be produced to propel a car to that speed. At 1200+hp, every extra second Myles is on the throttle could lead to catastrophic failure, and sometimes it has.

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The formula of power, reliability to withstand the power, traction, and aerodynamics are a constantly evolving formula to create the perfect pass, not to mention racing conditions.

I think it’s safe to say that Myles has perfected that formula. With dozens of passes over 200mph, his latest pass of 213mph at Shift-S3ctor’s Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is not only a personal best, but now holds the world record for the fastest front-wheel-drive half mile speed.

Watch the video to see how fast that really is. Want a Bugatti-beating Integra? Talk to Myles and I’m sure he can build you one. Some people say “Send it”, but Myles’ parachute says “Send Nudes” which seems more fitting. Touche’ sir, touche’.

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