2500+HP Audi R8 Blows Out Rear Glass at 220+MPH!

As we have mentioned in previous posts, the current half-mile world record holder for both overall speed and all-wheel-drive platform comes from Underground Racing (“UGR”); a performance shop located in Charlotte, North Carolina, known for building some of the fastest Lamborghini’s in the world

Although less common, UGR also builds some of the fastest Audi R8’s in the world as well. Why is that? Well, the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Gallardo/Huracan share the same drivetrain and powerplant with one another for comparative years and generations.

Therefore, the formula for building the fastest Lamborghini’s in the world can easily be translated to the fastest Audi’s as well. Most UGR customers tend to go with Lamborghini’s because what’s cooler than a Lamborghini? A 1500+ horsepower Lamborghini. 

Some customers, on the other hand, want to do something different, or be a little understated with their builds. The R8 provides the perfect alternative; it boasts the same powerplant and capabilities, in an arguably more “subtle” vehicle that exudes more “European classy” as opposed to Italian exotic. 

This brings us to the subject of this video and article; the fastest Audi R8 in the world. Jatty Gill, from Vancouver, Canada, purchased an Audi R8 from a UGR customer that was already built. The car had done 235mph in the half mile with over 2000 horsepower at that point, but that wasn’t enough for Jatty. He had UGR do the full treatment, including a billet block to withstand 2500+ horsepower. 

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At the 2019 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, Jatty and UGR brought the car out for its maiden voyage on the new build. The goal was to beat the Audi R8 half-mile record at the time of 244mph. After a few shakedown passes, Jatty wheeled the euro monster to 250 mph, re-setting the new Audi R8 half-mile world record. 

However, in true Jatty fashion, this wasn’t good enough. They cranked it up and went out for another hail-mary pass to see what the car had in it. At full throttle acceleration, Jatty heard a loud explosion at 220+mph.

He probably thought that he blew the motor to pieces, but this wasn’t the case at all. The insane amount of boost pressure blew the intake manifold clear through the glass and a hundred feet in the air. I’m sure Jatty needed a new pair of underwear after that pass, and it was also a sight for the crowd to see. 

In the video, you can see just how quickly it happens with the glass flexing from the immense amount of pressure being sucked through the engine. Fortunately, everything else on the car was fine, and Jatty will be out soon again with some new glass. Check it out on the video! 

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