3500HP Lamborghini Breaks Half-Mile World Record

If you are new to the world of half-mile racing, Underground Racing (also known by the acronym “UGR”) will be a name that you will hear constantly. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, this performance shop specializes in highly modifying Lamborghini’s to do unfathomable things, and break world records.

Owned by brothers KC and Kevin Howeth, UGR started in the drag racing world building big power Dodge Vipers. They knew how to utilize and build the factory V10 engine to be able to handle gobs of power, and throw twin turbochargers on it to get horsepower into the 1000+ range.

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However, when the first generation Gallardo came out with its V10 motor, the game changed. KC and Kevin took the same philosophy with the Viper V10 and brought it over to the Lamborghini world; only now, they had a platform with better aerodynamics, and better traction from an all-wheel-drive platform.

Fast forward to now: UGR only builds high-horsepower Lamborghinis and holds several world records including the overall Half-Mile World Record.

As can be seen in the video, this Lamborghini Huracan is far from stock. With a billet engine block, and two huge turbochargers, this Huracan at full power is somewhere around the 3500 horsepower mark.

Yes, 3500 Horsepower. Combined with the technology of a stand-alone ECU to be able to dial in the power at different speeds and in different gears to maximize traction, KC Howeth (Driver) has been able to propel the vehicle to 259.9mph in the half mile at the 2018 Indy Airstrip Attack.

To put this into perspective, the world’s fastest production car, the $3.5million Bugatti Chiron, with 1500 horsepower and a top speed of 261mph, has done 189.9 mph in the half mile at a Shift-S3ctor half mile event.

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It takes several miles for the Chiron to hit its top speed of 261mph. The UGR Huracan, however, can do that speed in only 2640ft. Now that is what you call “fast”. Watch the video and ride shotgun on for this world record pass.

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