Factory-built Bugatti goes 304.77 mph!

2019 has been quite the year for speed. Only a few months ago, the guys over at M2K Motorsports accomplished what many thought impossible; 300mph in the standing mile. With their heavily modified Ford GT and a stretch of open runway, M2K clocked off a 300.4 mph trap speed.

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300mph seemed unfathomable only a few years ago, but now many are chasing it. Only months later, Bugatti has also become a member of the 300mph club.

A previous title holder for the world’s fastest production car, Bugatti’s Veyron Super Sport hit a top speed of 267 mph in 2010. Last year, however, the Koenigsegg Agera RS set the production car top speed record hitting 277.9 mph. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Bugatti unveils they achieved 304.77 mph with a Chiron at VW Group’s private test facility, Ehra-Lessien in Germany.

Although an insane feat, the 304.77mph record has caused some controversy. The Chiron used for record attempt was a heavily modified, pre-production prototype vehicle. Although a version of this will be later produced, does this count as a “production car”? A valid question.

This modified Chiron has an elongated tail, modified exhaust and more apparent fenders in the front for cooling and to divert air flow more efficiently. The Chiron comes with an 8.0 L W-16 engine, with four turbochargers producing 1,479hp.

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With apparent modifications, the Chiron is the first “production” car to hit the 300mph speed. However, the M2k Motorsports Ford GT achieved their speed in a standing mile, whereas the modified Chiron took several miles to achieve. Only time will tell if the modified Chiron used for the attempt will translate into a production car, or if this will be a one-trick pony prototype. Regardless, it’s pretty dang awesome.

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