New Toyota Supra runs 11’s with minor modifications

The recent unveiling of the 2020 Toyota Supra has caused a lot of controversy among enthusiasts and hardcore Supra fans. Some feel that it has fallen short in both aesthetics and performance, and that it comes in at too high of a price point.

Criticisms aside, the Supra has shown great potential out of the box; providing a great automobile that many have said is enjoyable to drive in stock form.

While stock is good, it is no surprise that tuners have already started tinkering with this new platform, and performance versions are to follow as well. Recently reported by AutoBlog, the Supra will get more power and additional versions according to Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s Chief Engineer.

It will be a welcomed addition to the Supra lineup, and we look forward to see what more Toyota has to offer.

Our friends over at ThatRacingChannel have already begun documenting the first Supra to get tuned and run down the drag strip. The guys over at Real Street Performance have started with a few modifications resulting in solid increases in both horsepower and torque over that of a stock Supra.

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By adding a downpipe and tuning the ECU, they were able to pick up 100 horsepower at the wheels, and more than 100 wheel torque over stock. The results were 445 wheel horsepower and 475 wheel torque. They also installed a methanol kit to maintain consistency in the Florida heat for testing.

Comparing their tuned Supra with an unmodified car, the stock Supra ran the quarter mile in 12.86 seconds and 107mph. The modified Supra, using sticky Toyo R888 tires, ran an 11.44 second quarter at 118 mph.

With minor modifications resulting in substantial performance gains, it’s clear that the Supra is a better platform for tuning than originally thought. Now, it’s a race of tuners to see who can unleash the most performance out of the Supra.

We can’t wait to see the limits of the platform, as well as what they will do in the half-mile.

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