Porsche Taycan Unveiled – 0-60 in 2.6 Seconds!

After years of Porsche leaking various prototypes and concept cars surrounding what would be the next generation of electric vehicles, the Porsche Taycan in full production trim has finally been unveiled to the public.

With a rumored $1 billion of development and R&D costs into this single project, the first all-electric offering from the German manufacturer has been their largest development vehicle in recent years. With Tesla dominating the electric segment, and mandates worldwide to push manufacturers away from gas-powered vehicles, the Taycan could not be arriving at a more perfect juncture. The Taycan is a welcomed addition to the electric car market and, perhaps, the performance market too.

Porsche is introducing two variants of the Taycan: the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S – a nod to their longstanding moniker for their first attempt at all-electric. The Taycan Turbo starts from $150,900 and packs a 460kW battery, with 500kW on overboost power and launch control. Max power is 670hp, 626lb-ft of torque and Porsche claims 0-60 in 3 seconds.

In Turbo S trim, consumers will get 750hp and 774 lb-ft of max torque, a 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds, 10-piston carbon ceramic brakes as standard, with both models utilizing a two-speed transmission. Prices for the Turbo S start from $185,000. Charging for the Taycan is 10.5 hours from AC power, and 22.5 minutes for up to 80% charge on DC fast-charging. Porsche claims a 283 mile range for the Turbo and 262 for the Turbo S.

The Taycan possesses a lower center of gravity than a 911, which is an impressive achievement coming from Porsche development. Underneath, the Taycan has adaptive anti-roll bars, air suspension, an electronic rear differential and four-wheel steering.

No Porsche would be complete without a Nurburgring lap time, and the Taycan went around the famed Nordschleife in 7:42.

Despite being an electric car, Porsche set out to make the Taycan a true driver’s experience; a performance vehicle for the enthusiasts who know the consistency of the brand. We are very curious to see how these electric powerhouses do in the half-mile and are certain they will become more and more common at events in the years to come.

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