1650hp Toyota Supra finally goes over 200mph!

The Toyota Supra has been a JDM icon since its inception in 1978.  Although the early Supras were desirable, the MKIV Supra (1993-2002) has been the cream of the crop.

Not only did the MKIV Supra gain notoriety for its sleek styling, but the optional turbocharged inline 6-cylinder with over 300 horsepower became an iconic motor capable of over 1000+hp before having to touch the bottom-end. The popularity of the infamous “Fast and the Furious” Supra from the first FnF movie also seemed to add to the legendary reputation of the MKIV Supra.

Being able to throw a large aftermarket turbocharger and supporting mods and pump out 4-digit horsepower numbers allowed Supras to dominate the street race and drag scenes for a very long time.

Although Supras can produce gobs of power, traction is always an issue. Rarely have we seen any record-setting half-mile Supras. However, there are a few awesome builds out there which are set up correctly for the half-mile, and the video above shows a great example of that.

Our friends at 1320video caught up with this insane 1650 horsepower Supra at the 2019 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. With a large single turbo, built motor, nitrous, and a sequential transmission, this big-power Supra had his sights set on 200mph in the half-mile for YEARS.

After a few passes in the high 190’s, this Supra cranked up the boost and nitrous to get that magical 200mph number. To go 200+mph in a rear-wheel-drive car is a very elite club to be a part of. Congrats to the owner for a badass build!

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