2000+HP Viper Goes Airborne!

Vengeance Racing is no stranger to speed. Based out of Cumming, Georgia, Vengeance Racing is a late-model performance shop that pumps out some of the fastest domestic cars in the country. As one of the leaders in the performance industry, these guys not only build horsepower monsters, but they race them as well.

Quarter mile, half-mile, standing mile… you name it, they do it. Although mostly known for record-setting GM builds, they have gotten an insane amount of attention lately for their customer Ned Dunphy’s 2014 Viper build. What started as a mild mannered project, quickly evolved into a 2000+ horsepower, twin turbo, built auto, drag racing powerhouse.

Although mainly setup for 1/4 mile drag racing, Ned Dunphy’s Viper isn’t a one-trick pony. Last month, Ned’s Viper clocked off a 221mph pass at the Indy Airstrip Attack, crowning it 2WD Champion for that event, as well as making it the fastest pass of the weekend.

With no time to take a breath, Ned wanted to make some 1/4 mile passes in the car. When he told Vengeance Racing owner Ron Mowen that the car felt a little “flat up top”, they threw some more power at it.

It hooked so well, that the front end lifted off the ground and sent the car airborne, giving Ned the ride of his life (fortunately, Ned has his pilot’s license). With the Viper riding on its back bumper, it was able to land straight down with no major damage and Ned drove it back into the pits. That must have been one wild ride! Check out the vid above.

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